Content Plans and Strategic Development

How do your programs fit together and how will you cut through the clutter to explain that to your stakeholders. Data. Research. Planning. Focus. Awareness. Then, rinse and repeat!

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Traditional Marketing

Events and Grass Roots Marketing; TV and Print Advertising; Brochures and Giveaways; Networking and Community Relations, they all work.  When we combine them with online campaigns and strategic planning, that’s when the magic really happens.

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Online Campaigns

Create strategies for a digital communication, rather than ‘simply’ digital strategies. I can better support a staged approach to online campaigns so that it is easier for you to build business using the internet and email.

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Get the Spark(le) You Need to Shine

With more than 20 years leading talented teams and given the vital role mar/com plays for growing organizations, my passion is to strengthen brand perceptions and shape growth through effective planning, storytelling, content campaigns and trusted partnerships. I help teams influence stakeholders and drive growth through research, innovation, collaboration and some fun mixed in!

I have led strategic planning initiatives, introduced community collaborations, marketing, communication, advertising, and public relations campaigns to achieve desired growth. I have engaged internal stakeholders (from c-suite to interns) and external audiences (from politicians and business executives) to support key programs.

I’ve celebrated award-winning campaigns and strengthened strategies to achieve critical results. To help create and roll out campaigns, I’ve engaged nearly every department in organizations I’ve worked for – and even enlisted the involvement of Governing, Foundation, and Community Advisory Councils.

In short, I love what I do.

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Let’s Connect…

Now that you know a bit more about me, let’s connect to see how we can grow together.

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